Basic search engine optimization (SEO) for your website is fundamental. And essential. Diva will help you to position your Website properly to be found when people search for your Website. What we do exactly is to do some changes in the titles, links,content and keywords and some other important changes of your Website to make it easier for the Search engines to index your pages. We also give you some important guidelines to follow when creating new post or page in your website in order to get better ranking in the Search engines. First of all to give you this service we will need to understand your business and make some research about your competitors across your targeted region and that will help us to give you the maximum of best results that you wish for.


First your should ask yourself what should my business aim to achieve with a social media? That depends on the type of business you have. You may want to use social media to gain exposure for your brand, to directly interact with your clients or to promote specific products or services. We help you to identify your goals and make plan together to achieve your goals during the timeline we make. We can build your Facebook,Twetter,Youtube,Vimo,Instagram,Linkedin and other social media network pages/accounts/channels and charactterizing the feel,look and design to show your brand. We also help you to build your content and give you guidelines for the best pratice of adding a content in any pages/accounts or channels.